Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday

Don't forget you can register for free chocolate on Friday mornings (starting at 9am, I believe) at I've been doing this since they first started, and Buppy and I got our first few coupons and thought it was awesome. In truth, Buppy used mine. I don't really eat sweets/chocolate a lot. Chips and salty snacks? Well that's a whole different story. But it's ok since I register myself and Buppy and he gets 2 coupons to use. We just noticed this morning though that we haven't gotten a coupon in the mail for some time now. Not sure what's going on; I keep registering and it keeps sending me the confirmation email saying the coupon is "on the way", but then it never shows. Is my mailman getting his chocolate fix at our expense? I'm not really sure, but go sign up if you'd like a free coupon for some chocolate. Let me know if you ever end up getting the coupon!

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