Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - March 8, 2010

This week won't require much menu planning at all since Buppy and I are home by ourselves for 2 nights, then I'm home alone for 2 nights, then I leave for CT where I'll spend 2 1/2 days, returning on Monday afternoon.

One of the major perks of my position here is that if I have a large event to attend on a Saturday [such as the wedding I've booked on 3/20], I can work that day and take off the Monday prior. Since the drive up to CT is anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on traffic, I figure that's a great time to go so I can stay a bit longer and not feel like my whole weekend is spent driving. Maybe if I'm lucky, my girl I'm going to see will let me do the cooking while I'm there. She's a new mommy, so it might not be hard to persuade her to let me take over the kitchen. Is it wrong that this would totally make my weekend --- to be able to cook for her and her boyfriend? Probably, so don't tell anyone, ok?

Monday: [Buppy & I are home alone.] Pork tenderloin with the remainder of the breading mixture that we didn't use on our
Parmigiano & herb chicken breast tenders. We're not really sure how to cook the pork with this breading, but I'm sure we'll get creative. As for a side? I think we have some Steamfresh veggies in the freezer to use up.

Tuesday: [Buppy & I are home alone.] Brats on the grill, mainly because it's finally nice again after Mother Nature dumped on us for months. It's absolutely beautiful today and should be tomorrow as well, so let's fire up the grill! I'm thinking potato & onion foil packets [hobos] would be a great accompaniment.

Wednesday: [Bugaboo home alone.] Whatever I want; I have leftover grilled salmon from my party that would be great as a green salad addition [but I don't have lettuce or tomato right now, so we'll see about that one.] Maybe tuna. Breakfast for dinner? Hot dogs?

Thursday: [Bugaboo home alone.] A repeat performance of Wednesday night, so basically whatever I want that's easy and doesn't require too much effort or clean up.

Friday: I leave for CT --- yay! I'm sure Buppy will find something easy for the kids and himself while I'm gone, like mac 'n cheese.

Saturday: It's all up to Buppy here what he wants to feed the kids. And he has soup, lasagna and lots of meat in the freezer if he wants to be creative.

Sunday: Again, all Buppy here.

So my part was easy here. I could be nice and find him an easy recipe or 2 for the nights I'll be gone this weekend and try to make sure he has the ingredients available. He's super self-sufficient in the kitchen though, so it's not like he can't create a meal if I'm not around. I love that about him. I never have to be all, "Oh no, what ever will they eat if I leave for a few days!?!?"

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