Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad Steaks Got Worse

Yesterday morning, before leaving the house for work, I marinated some t-bone steaks in a gyro marinade, made from a recipe I've had since '01 or so. I thought I remembered liking it. Maybe back then I did. The oven roasted potato wedges were good last night, and that's about the only thing I liked. How aggravating. Gyro marinade recipe --- deleted!

To make matters worse, for some reason all the fat on the steaks we got when we purchased half the cow tastes like fish. Yucky fish. Fish I don't wanna eat. So I basically took a not-so-great steak and made it worse. How do I live with myself?


  1. Bummer. At least you had some tasty potatoes!

  2. Maybe the meat was going bad for some reason and it threw off the taste of the marinade?? I cant imagine you liking it before and it being so nasty now.
    Yay for potato wedges!!!

  3. Pretty sure the marinade just SUCKS. Thanks anyway Shel-Shel. And yes, thank goodness for those potato wedges! :o)


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