Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - May 10, 2010

Here's a quick run-down of the menu plan for this week. There's actually not that much to plan as Buppy is busy and out of the house the few nights he's not at work, then I leave Friday for VA to see a friend from junior high school. Another mini-vacay comin' right up!

Monday: [Bugaboo alone, Buppy at work] breakfast burritos [bacon, onion, celery, eggs & cheese wrapped in a warmed flour tortilla]

Tuesday: [Bugaboo alone, Buppy at work] Tuna melt, pistachio fruit salad [Light & Tasty recipe]

Wednesday: [Bugaboo eating alone, Buppy has school conference with the kids & will eat out] Open-faced chicken sandwich [Light & Tasty recipe], green salad, fresh fruit

Thursday: [Bugaboo feeds the kids at home, Buppy has conference at the kids' new school] Cheesy broccoli casserole [Light & Tasty recipe], leftover pistachio fruit salad

Friday: [Bugaboo leaves for VA, Buppy home alone with the kids] Philly cheese steak casserole from

Saturday: [Bugaboo in VA, Buppy at work] One of my besties [the girl whose family I'm heading down to visit] is making enchiladas, rice & pico de gallo. And trust me, this girl is from Texas, so I have no doubt she knows what she's doin'. I'm psyched!

Sunday: Bugaboo comes home from VA [not sure what time exactly, might eat on the road], Buppy at work

Wow. That was quick and simple, only because there's so little to plan for. Oh well, some weeks I'm totally fine with that since it's 1 less thing for me to worry about. For more menu planning ideas, click on the link below. Enjoy!

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  1. Umm You can put down that Saturday you will be having enchiladas and rice and pico de gallo. We can go pick out a good wine.


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