Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cheese-Beer Soup

A few weeks back I hit a soup-making phase. I've always loved soups, but within a week or so I'd made a French onion & mushroom soup, cheese-beer soup, Southwestern chicken soup and another one that currently is escaping my memory. The Southwestern chicken soup was Buppy's new all-time favorite soup, but it came completely from my head and I (silly me!) didn't write down what went into it. Shame on me. He'll never get his favorite soup again. As for the French onion & mushroom soup . . . well, that kind of went the same way.

cheese-beer soup recipe came from Recipe Girl and was quite tasty. Having grown up for a time in Wisco, we pretty much love all things beer, cheese and/or sausage. This had 2 of the 3, which is a good start. I won't go into great detail about the recipe as it can be found at her site, but I will say that my only modification was to sub in cornstarch for the flour. I've never been a flour-thickening person; never cooks out right for me, but to each their own. Oh, I also omitted the parsley because I never have that stuff on hand. Kind of a big 'why bother' in my opinion, but again, to each their own.The soup was good, although it was on the thin side. Great with crusty bread dunked in it, but not really substantial enough to hold up as a meal on it's own. Even with more cornstarch or flour, it would still be a rather brothy soup, which is fine with me as long as I have some good bread. We could definitely smell the beer in it when it was pulled from the fridge and as it was reheating. Mmmmm.

Anyone else try this or have an even better recipe for cheese-beer soup? Lemme know!

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