Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coupon Alert: Kettle Brand Potato Chips

I'm eating healthier these days, and have been really good about keeping potato chips, my number one snack-attack go-to, out of the house. December and January were really good months, but I purchased a bag (or a few) this month so far. In my defense, 1 was baked, and the others were kinds I'd never tried before. How can you pass that up? Anyway......while I'm not searching out all coupons potato chip related, I found this one and printed it out. I'm planning my birthday party menu for next weekend (woohoo!), and potato chips are bound to make an appearance. Luckily this printable coupon is for Kettle Brand Potato Chips, and anything kettle cooked pretty much tops my potato chip charts (try saying that 5 times fast!). So if you're in the mood for snackin' or are planning a par-tay, grab this coupon before it's gone. Thanks to Coupon Pro Blog for the heads up!

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