Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 28, 2011

Last week went relatively well as far as menu planning goes. We didn't get to the pizza braid or the quiche, but nothing was thawed for them, so we're in good shape. I'm tentatively menu planning for this week because my sister and her friend are coming into town on Thursday night and are staying through Monday morning. Since we'll be out doing things in Bmore and DC (cherry blossom festival, yay!), I'm not quite sure exactly when/where we'll be eating our meals. I'm not too worried though; we'll get it figured out. Buppy's also in class all week, so he's anticipating being home on Thursday night as opposed to working his normal overnight. Should be an interesting week.

Monday: Pizza braid (buy dough or try to make it --- that is the question)

Tuesday: Grilled ham and cheese pull-apart sandwich loaf

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Rotisserie pork loin, stuffing and some kind of veg

Friday: Boca burgers and garden salad

Saturday Lunch: Sammys and fresh fruit/veggies
Saturday Dinner: Pizza (not sure what kind yet; I'll let my house guests decide)

Sunday Lunch: Sammys and fresh fruit/veggies
Sunday Dinner: Marinated steak and veggie kabobs

Because of Buppy's class, he won't need lunches all week, which is why I planned for leftovers on Wednesday night. Plus, he'll be gone on Saturday night. Friday through Sunday's meals are all pretty easy to throw together in case we get home late and are hungry. Enjoy!

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