Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cherry Blossoms & DC

The blossoms were gorgeous this year, with many more still on the trees than 2 years ago when my sissy and I headed down to DC. Actually, there were almost none on the ground this time around. The weather could have been a bit nicer; possibly less wind and drizzle, but we all still managed a good weekend nonetheless. As an added bonus, my sister sold me her old camera, so I had a new play toy to test out. I love it so far, and I don't even know what half the buttons and dials do yet! Here are a few of my favorites from Friday's venture to DC.
Couldn't go without hittin' up the White House.
The sky got super dark, but the anticipated down pour never materialized. Beautiful with the cherry trees in the foreground, no?
This was one of the few intensely pink trees we came across. Most were much paler pink this year, or even white. We're not sure if this has to do with the maturity of the blossoms or the weather. Or both. Or neither.
Interesting old gnarly trees. Oh if trees could talk . . . I bet this one would have quite the story to tell!
Hands-down the worst drinking water ever. Note to self: when in DC, splurge and buy water.
The Charlie Brown sad-poor-pathetic cherry tree.
Lovely pale cherry blossoms all around the Tidal Basin.
Fun with the zoom and macro mode of my new toy camera!

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