Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fundraiser & Tubing Saturday

I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to go tubing, so here’s a big shout out to Mo’ Nature for that. Around 5:20pm or so (on our way home), we passed a display saying it was 89F. It probably hit 92F or so during the day today, and we lounged on the river from 1:30pm ‘til 3:30pm or so. It was a beautiful ride down stream, the water was moving at a decent pace in most areas and there was a pleasant mix of sunshine and shade. Met some cool tubers, observed a slew of lost flip-flops and didn’t flip our tubes once! We’ll definitely be tubing in that area again, but we’re going to check into purchasing our own tubes since we now know where to drop in and where to leave a vehicle down stream.

Prior to heading to Monkton, we headed over to our local Elks Lodge to visit a good friend of ours and support the scholarship fund she created after losing her daughter in a car accident several years ago. I got a pit beef sammy (medium-rare, of course) and loaded that puppy up with horseradish and raw onion and devoured it. The beef was extremely tender, which was really appreciated because a lot pit beef is tough, and when a person tries to take a bite, all the meat pulls out of the bun. Not with the one this morning though! Buppy had a pit ham sammy with BBQ sauce; woulda been a good sandwich without that darn sauce --- the ham was tender and moist. We split an order of fries which were cooked perfectly (although they needed a lot salt) and lunch was just dandy. Well, more of a brunch I guess, ‘cause it was only 10:30am or so. Eh, whatevs.

While at the flea market, we scored a $3 glass chip/dip tray (in perfect condition) and a $2 Boyd’s Bear firefighter figurine for Buppy. Sweet!

Now I'm relaxing and making a to-do list for tomorrow. Buppy’s going on a ride with his H&H chapter over to the Howard Co. fairgrounds, so I’ll stay here and do some cleaning, menu planning, possibly run to CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid, give myself a pedi and . . . well, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to keep me occupied. I'll most likely hit up the mall for some new work clothes, and spend my long-lost recently-found $30 VS gift card on some new perfume, too. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! Oh yeah, I scored some wicked-crazy deals yesterday that I’ll post about soon. I actually made approximately $10 or so making the rounds. Woot!

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