Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - June 20, 2011

There've been a few weeks in a row now where my menu planning and/or menu plan following have been out of whack. Ah, c'est la vie. Here's to trying again this week. Buppy swapped his overnight shift from the usual Thursday to Tuesday, and he and the kids leave for NY for a week of vacation on Saturday afternoon. That means I technically have 3 'alone' nights, which makes for a pretty easy plan.

Monday: Boca burgers, baked beans and corn on the cobb

Tuesday: 'Alone' night for me, and I'll grill a leftover pork chop from the large pork loin we cut up and marinated for Sunday night's dinner. Probably have some left over stuffing with it.

Wednesday: Asparagus and pasta (a recipe I found in the May 2011 Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine)

Thursday: BBQ pork on buns and Southwestern onion rings

Friday: Tacos and refried beans

Saturday: Another 'alone' night, so we'll play this and the next 7 days by ear

Sunday: By this time, hopefully I'll have a few meals planned for lonely me that won't create a boatload of leftovers (since I'm not great at eating leftovers)

A few groceries are needed for this week, but not a lot, which is nice. Hopefully asparagus won't be completely outrageous at whatever store I hit to pick it up. Now to go see what everyone else is munching for the week. Enjoy!

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  1. alone nights can be fun. make a salad with chicken, soup and sandwhich, breakfast, treat yourself to chinese!
    i'd love if you checked out my Menu Plan for this week
    im also following you via gfc, this meme is great for recipe ideas and to follow as well:)


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