Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Razors, Hair Products & Gum

Yesterday was a decent shopping day, but I definitely had to pick up a few rain checks for things CVS and Rite Aid were out of. Seems to be the case a lot lately, and nothing is coming in in a reasonable amount of time. Hmmm. Oh well. No sense getting worked up over steals and deals, is there? No, I thought not.

Below are the few things I picked up last night. I got 2 Schick razors (with 2 blades each, which I appreciate), a can of Suave hair spray, a bottle of LA Looks hair gel and 3 packages of Stride gum.

Funny story about the hair products ---- I used to use higher-end salon products. Not super expensive, but $15-for-a-bottle-of-gel expensive. That is, until my college roomy and her sisters (with hair like mine, quite wavy/curly/unruly at times) told me the cheap stuff works better. I wasn't a believer, but decided to give it a try anyway. What did I have to lose? Truth be told, they were right. I have no idea why and couldn't explain it for the life of me, but it's true. So hello to the Suave and LA Looks!

Anyway, I digress. I paid $4.12 for everything below out of pocket, which isn't too shabby considering the razors were supposed to be $9.99 each. I also received $3 back in coupons to use towards future purchases, so all-in-all, I did alright. And I was even a good girl and came home for dinner instead of picking up Dominos pizza (2-for-Tuesdays) or Chick-fil-A (which also definitely crossed my mind).

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