Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Caesar Salad Dressing

Click here for the recipe.

The other day I decided to try my hand at homemade Caesar salad dressing. It was the first time I'd ever purchased anchovies, too. Buppy was worried he'd taste them in the dressing, but I assured him he wouldn't. Secretly, I was panicked I'd taste them too, but he couldn't know that. He couldn't see me sweat. Nope. Not cool-handed Bugaboo. Luckily, the anchovies cannot be tasted and the dressing was a success. How could it not be when I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe? Thanks Ree - it's really tasty. I love that a little in a salad, if then tossed in a large bowl, goes a long way. Less calories consumed is a good thing, at least around here! Above, I tossed about 2 tablespoons with a salad composed of green leaf lettuce, radishes, mushrooms, grilled chicken and a sprinkle of Romano cheese. It was a light, healthy dinner. 

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