Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crockpot Horseradish Scalloped Potatoes

I realize I should probably not make this my first food post since, well, let's be honest, it sucked, but all the same, I'll fill you in on the awfulness that was the crockpot horseradish scalloped potatoes.

The recipe seemed simple enough at a glance. The plan was to make them on Tuesday night when Buppy (as my boyfriend is affectionately known) was at work. I wanted them for myself for dinner and figured he could survive with some leftovers. I stopped at the store and got milk just for this recipe! And then I got home to discover that I had roughly 1 1/2 lbs. of potatoes and the recipe called for 3. Oh well, I'll just make half. Good call dear, except that once the potatoes were peeled, I realized they were older than I'd thought and had a lot of bad spots that had to be trimmed off. I wound up with about 1 1/4 lbs. potatoes in the end and decided this just wasn't gonna cut it. I made mashed potatoes out of those, and Buppy so kindly picked me up some potatoes yesterday specifically for this recipe. My status on Facebook talked about my plan to make these delish potatoes. Friends were excited and already asking for the recipe. And now?

Now I have to tell them all it was a bust.

There are only 7 ingredients to the recipe, one being Parmesan cheese as an optional garnish. The other six are potatoes, horseradish, heavy cream (I subbed 1% milk knowing it would affect the creaminess but hoping it wouldn't damage the taste), nutmeg, salt and pepper. As for damaging the taste? There really wasn't much of one. At all. I tried a bite once the potatoes were tender and it tasted like a hot potato, with pretty much no other flavor. It's wasn't like it was horrible and I spit it out, but it was just so . . . blah. I'm not a fan of blah foods and this? This was beyond blah.

Buppy and I will not be making them again. The problem is now we have these potatoes that are cooked that have the potential to be decent if we use them in another recipe. My suggestion was to make them the crust or top layer of some type of casserole. Wish me luck.

*Just an FYI --- usually I take pictures of my food so you'll get to see the good stuff, but this wasn't really worth it.

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