Monday, July 27, 2009

Marinated Bacon Wrapped Scallops

It's been awhile (and by that I mean a long, long while) since I've made scallops at home. Buppy has ordered them out at restaurants here and there, but as for buying and cooking them, we just haven't done it. We both love scallops, and even though they're cheaper to buy in a store and make at home, they still always seem so expensive when I hit up the seafood counter. Not anymore though! For the past 2 weeks they've been on sale at 2 different local grocery stores (is it scallop season?) for a $7.99/lb. And we're talking the jumbo 8-12 count ones!

We tried to get some 2 weeks ago and both of the stores we tried were out; at least they rain checked them for us so we can still get them for that price within 90 days. I stopped while out shopping yesterday and picked some up for dinner tonight since Buppy and I get to have the next 2 nights to ourselves (no kiddies). I'm scallop psyched.

We plan to loosely follow a recipe I found on where the scallops are marinated in soy sauce, maple syrup and Dijon mustard. I might cut back on their recommendation for the maple syrup, just because I'm not one who loves things overly sweet (except my desserts!) They will then be wrapped in partially fried, thick cut bacon. Partially fried, because otherwise the bacon wouldn't get as crispy as I want it and would most likely stay "sloppy", as my dad calls it (this is how he loves his bacon). I'm not sure yet if we'll grill or broil them; grilling would add some great flavor but I'm worried about the high heat of our grill, even when on low (we recently burned a pizza crust trying to grill it). Most likely they'll get the broiler. We plan to make some angel hair (my favorite kind of pasta) and dress it simply to accompany our scallops, as well as a green salad.

The scallops will be devoured while we're watching The Haunting in Connecticut; I love scary movies and have been dying to see this one! Pictures to come of the scallops!

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