Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've tried to menu plan in the past, really tried. Betty Crocker even sent me this nifty-spiffy menu planning pad with the days of the week and a place to write a grocery list, all with a magnet on the back so it can go on the fridge. And yet I can never really pull it off. I have ideas for meals rolling around in my head (somewhere), but the execution is always lacking. We still somehow manage to cook at home most nights, but it's not until the night before (or morning of) that we figure out what we want for dinner.

A lot of this stems from the fact that Buppy works a 48 on/72 off schedule, so for 6 nights out of every 2 week stretch I'm left on my own to forge for dinner. I can't complain; it's nights like this when I eat fried eggs with toast or a simple salad or sandwich. Cheap, easy, no clean up. And I enjoy foods like that!

But here I am, making another attempt at menu planning. I'll allow myself some leeway in my "free nights" (when I'm alone) but would like to have more of an idea about what the family will eat when we're all together. Plus, it simplifies shopping for the week! So here we go:

Monday: Marinated bacon wrapped scallops, green salad and cheesy garlic toast
Tuesday: BBQ chicken, fried potatoes
Wednesday: *free night* Ham or roast beef sandwich, leftover zucchini bisque, a peach
Thursday: *free night* Breakfast for dinner
Friday: No plan as I bartend at my part-time job on Friday nights; Buppy will have to fend for himself and the kids
Saturday: Working day shift at the bar, out of town at a friend's house for a wine tasting that night
Sunday Lunch: Grilled ham & cheese (just grilled cheese for the kids), canned fruit
Sunday Dinner: Homemade pierogi (I've had a recipe I've been dying to try!)

Ok, now that that's done, lets see how well I stay on track. I realize that it's just a guideline and I can veer as much as I want, but I really want to trim down all the one-two-and-three item shopping trips Buppy and I make throughout the week.

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