Thursday, July 30, 2009 80% off Extended!

Buppy and I are definitely fans of, although over time we've figured out how to get the most use out of their certificates. It takes a little trial and error to figure out how to use them to your benefit since, a lot of time, there are certain restrictions. One such restriction that we came upon and learned about the hard way is the "valid with purchase of $35/2 entrees." We thought (silly us) that this meant either/or, not both. We could order at least $35 worth of food or 2 entrees(it's not a cheap place, so this made sense). Not the case.

The restaurant that this particular certificate was for is a tapas restaurant, so the majority of the menu is tapas food, not entrees. I think there were 5 or 6 entrees to choose from out of the entire 2 page (long pages!) menu. Our waiter informed us though, as we sat down to eat, that we were required to order 2 entrees and to spend at least $35. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal for us, but when the restaurant is a tapas restaurant, it doesn't seem quite right. We would have gladly forked over $35 if we could have spent it on a variety of tapas dishes, but that was not an option. The experience wasn't overly pleasant and we won't be going back.

It did teach us, however, to pay close attention to the restrictions on each and every certificate we're thinking of purchasing. And if we have any questions, we call the restaurant to get them answered before buying. We pay attention to minimum food purchase amounts, days of the week it's valid (or not valid), if it includes alcohol, etc. These can all play a big part in us deciding which restaurants we want to try and which don't seem worth it to us.

With that all being said, does have some wicked deals at times. Frequently a person can find promo codes for anywhere from 50%-80% off their certificates. An 80% off promo was supposed to end earlier this week, but they're extending it to Friday, 7/31. The code to enter at checkout is NAPKIN. The $25 certificates are usually $10 on the site, so that means with 80% off, they're only $2! And since most $10 certificates are only $4, they're now .80 cents! Ok, off you go to explore the site and find a new restaurant to try with you and someone special!

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