Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Promo

As I said in a recent post, Buppy and I frequently use to score some great gift certificates if we're in the mood to go out eat. They recently had an 80% promo going on, which made their $25 certificates only $2! They have a new promo that is running from now until Thursday, Aug. 6th for 50% off (making $25 gift certificates $5 for most restaurants). But wait....right now, they're also giving away a free $10 gift certificate with every order. Generally what happens, from my experience anyway, is you place the order for whatever you want and then they email you a code for a free $10 certificate, so you can use it on a completely different restaurant than what you ordered certificates for if you so choose. The code for this promo is SUPPER. Enjoy!

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