Sunday, October 18, 2009

A New J-O-B

While this blog is generally about things like coupons, food, recipes, grocery trips, etc., every now and then I must reflect on the good that comes from my efforts.

Sept. marked a new beginning for me; I left my place of employment where I'd been working for about 1 1/2 yrs. since moving here to MD. I was offered a position as a manager of a restaurant/BBQ/catering shop and was beyond excited for the opportunity to slide back into hospitality. However, after 2 weeks there, I found it to be nothing that it was promised. I was incredibly unhappy, again. Boo. I quit working for a few weeks but spent a great deal of time and effort on the prowl for new jobs that sparked my interest.

It has finally paid off. I've been offered (and accepted) a position as a catering sales manager on the north side of Baltimore with a large hotel there. It's doing exactly what I've wanted, what I've been searching for, since moving here. I start tomorrow and am ecstatic. I only hope it isn't as misleading as my last offer was, but I feel confident that the DOS (director of sales) was up front and honest with me, plus I felt a great connection with her. Ah, to be able to stop searching for jobs and concentrate on the more important things in life! :o)

Plus, it's now becoming my favorite time of year. Added bonus!

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