Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simple Satisfaction

I love good deals, especially grocery deals (ok, and clothing/shoe deals...and toy deals for the kids...and movie deals...I just really love deals I guess.) I clip coupons and shop sales, and great satisfaction comes from seeing high savings percentages on my receipts after a trip to the grocery store.

My outing on Saturday brought a smile to my face. First I stopped at Weis, my go-to store for good deals and where I'll purchase things I need even if they're not on sale because it usually has the lowest prices overall. My original total there before the scanning the club card and my coupons? $59.82. What did I actually pay? $30.80, meaning I saved $29.02 (48%). While I've saved higher percentage-wise in the past, for what I got that day I was relatively happy.

From there I headed to Food Lion, the store that I'll only purchase sale items at because, in my opinion, their regular prices are outrageous! It happens to be the one store that usually has decent deli meat sales though, so I often check out what few other items I can snag at a discount. This week my main reason for the stop was meat; they had boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.77/lb. (even better than Buppy can usually get at the commissary on base) and 'pork picnic' roast on sale for $.79/lb. I'm not really sure what to do with the pork picnic, but I asked the meat man at the store and he said it's good roasted like a ham or used for pulled pork; I'm sure I'll find something to do with it! My total bill there to begin with was $60.36 (I told you they're outrageous!!) but after using my club card there, my bill dropped to $23.87, meaning I saved $36.49 (roughly 60%.) Again, for what I walked away with, I felt pretty happy about this amount.

When I could have spent a total of $120.18 on Saturday's grocery shopping, I instead spent $54.67. Sweet!

Is it wrong to be so proud and happy about simple grocery savings? Oh well!

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