Thursday, December 17, 2009


While I'm aware of the fact that "neglection" (the title) is not a real word (at least I don't think it is...), it's still what's been going on with this poor, poor blog of mine. I'm trying to change that, but it's difficult when I'm a part-time mom, part-time girlfriend (I love you Buppy, but I just mean that you're not home all the time!) and now full-time lover of my job.

Things have definitely changed since this job landed in my lap. I cook less, and have less time at night to spend with Buppy. But the rewards are fulfilling, and I wouldn't change much. Well, perhaps just to have more time in a day, but then I'd just be busier, longer. November was the first month I earned commission (my first full month with the company), and it was such an ego boost to earn 5x more than predicted at the beginning of the month. I managed to snag a wedding the day after Christmas, which will (of course) help my figures for this month. And I've booked 2 holiday parties for January --- on the same day! That will be a challenge, but with the right staff, I'm confident in our abilities.

This coming Sunday, the 20th, we have tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore. We'll grab a gift certificate from (I love that website!), have dinner and enjoy the show. Buppy managed to get us a super good deal on tickets, which makes it all the better. Great entertainment without costing us a fortune!

I'm not going to be able to head back to Wisco to see my family and friends this year for the holidays, but I had the amazing idea to head up to NYC on Christmas Eve. The kids will go to their mom's at 3:30pm, and Buppy and I will head straight up to The City, roughly 4 hours away. Because I work in a hotel, we're going to be staying in a suite in Times Square for the low, low price of $59. Parking will be a little costly, but well worth it for a $59 room rate! And we're only half a mile from Rockefeller Center at this particular hotel, which is the main attraction for this trip. I've always wanted to see the tree live and in person. I'm psyched! I also plan to find a knock off Coach bag for a dear friend of mine who's never made it up that way. Don't worry Sunshine --- I'll find you something amazing!

Our 2 trees are up (1 being strictly a fire tree), Christmas is being celebrated at Buppy's mom's house this Saturday, the Nutcracker on Sunday, work 3 days, then up to NYC. What a great holiday season!

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