Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Look Back at 2000

I found this fun trip-down-memory-lane type of blog post on a friend's blog and decided to reflect back on my own life 10 years ago. I still can't believe we're in 2010! While said friend did this all in one blog post (each year, 2000-present), I think I'll spread it out and just see what I can remember whenever I feel like it. It's a bit harder for me than I'd think it will be for most people, mainly due to all the times I've moved, but here goes:


I was entering my 2nd semester of college at CMN (getting my gen-ed credits out of the way) in Jan. and working at K-Mart in Shawano, WI. I was living at my parents house while they were in TX; I celebrated my 18th birthday in March and bought my first legal pack of smokes.

I finished the semester in May and decided to move to Green Bay with a good friend I'd met while working at K-Mart. I worked as a sales associate at DEB as well as a supervisor at Spencer Gifts, both in the Bay Park Mall in GB. We lived there for a few months, me paying all our bills while my friend attempted to find employment and get on her feet. This never happened and I moved out in September after finding out that she had stolen my checkbook and debit card and depleted my checking account to the point of being several hundred dollars overdrawn. Kudos to me for being the sucker friend.

I moved all of my things to my parent's house in Shawano and, without almost any consideration, moved to Missoula, MT to live with the girl I'd lived with in Heart Butte, MT while finishing high school the year before. I struggled to find work while there and soon found out that my friend was pregnant and not planning on staying in Missoula. Insert tongue piercing here. Missoula is a rather expensive town to live in alone, especially since I hadn't found stable employment (that I wanted anyway), so I packed up and headed back to Wisco.

I moved in with Dad-o in Shawano, WI for a few weeks, then decided to try my luck in Stevens Point, WI with my sister, who was attending UWSP. I moved there in Nov. and found a job as a sales associate at JCPenney. Happened to meet two of my bestest friends ever shortly after as they were employed with JCP as well. We raved. We went to concerts. Times were good.

I love my girls!

We were inseparable.

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