Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Superbowl Party-Perfect Dip

It always amazes me when I come across a recipe that's simple, easy and so yummy, that I've made several times in the past, but have yet to blog about. Ah, so is the life of the girl who loves to cook and eat! I guess I just can't keep track sometimes.

I checked in at
Life as Mom’s blog today to see what upcoming URS (ultimate recipe swap) topic is scheduled for this Thursday. It happens to be pantry inspiration. I happen to have a recipe for a cold spinach dip that just happens to fit that title. It was meant to be. Be warned, fellow dip lovers, this stuff is addicting. Seriously. Even for people like Buppy, who whine about spinach in every other recipe; he still devours this stuff. There's no going back after you've sampled this stuff. This is definitely made with items I keep on hand in the pantry/fridge/freezer. And guess what? This would be perfect to serve at a Superbowl par-tay!

Cold Spinach Dip
Sorry, no idea where I picked this one up!

1 c. reduced fat or fat free mayo
1 (16 oz.) container reduced fat or fat free sour cream
1 (1.8 oz.) pkg. dry veggie soup mix (I use Knorr brand)
1 (4 oz.) can water chestnuts, drained and chopped
1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained

This is just me being anal, but I always chop the spinach before mixing it with other ingredients, even if the package already says 'chopped'. It's better to have bite-sized spinach than to have it hanging off every dipper your working with here. Anyway, in a medium bowl, mix together all ingredients. Chill for 6 hours or overnight. Serve with veggies, crackers or bread dippers. 24 servings.

I know it's not the healthiest of all things to eat, but that's ok. I'm thinking that, especially since I just picked up some Chobani plain Greek yogurt for free with coupon at Giant, I'll use it next time to replace the sour cream. As for the mayo? Hmmmm. I could probably decrease that to 1/2 c. and add more of the Greek yogurt if I wanted to be all healthified. Since that might help me squeak in another year of life, I just might give it a shot. Yes, decreasing the mayo by 1/2 c. will grant me an additional year of life. You heard it here first folks.

Buppy and I really like this with roasted garlic Triscut crackers, even though overall I'm usually not a big Triscut fan. It's really good with celery and carrots as well, and when we had Buppy's family in for Thanksgiving, we found out (by his dad just deciding to try it) that it makes an exceptional sandwich spread. Next thing ya know we'll be toppin' ice cream with this stuff!


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  1. OK, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dip!!! My sis used to make this all the time and you know what is the BOMB to dip in it... this may sound weird....but pieces of Hawaiian bread! We take the Hawaiin bread bowl, take the top and middle out and put the dip in the bowl. Then we cut up the top/inside and an extra bought loaf into bite-size pieces to dip in it. It's weird but dee-lish!!!! Just wanted to share...


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