Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Commission Update

Sometimes I'm just not good at math. I think it has to do with my attention span and how sometimes, I just don't care. Case in point: I had to rework my commission sidebar because it was slightly jacked. Since I actually received my first commission on a paycheck in December [November's commission], I'm actually making it a 13 month attempt at savings. This meant I had to add to the total I wanted to save. Which affected my percentage saved so far. That, and I received January's commission on my paycheck on Monday, which meant I had to update anyway. So there we have it. I think I'm writing this more for myself in the future than for anyone out there reading it. Just so that when I'm having a blond moment again, I can pull this up and have an "ahhhh" moment. On the up side --- I'm almost a quarter of the way to my goal and slightly ahead of schedule. Sweet.

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