Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Rocked It

And what, you might be asking yourself, did Buppy & Bugaboo rock this time around? The budget goal for grocery shopping I set for us at the beginning of the month. With no sacrificing, and even with throwing a birthday party for the littlest tike today [our family of 4 plus 7 guests], we still only spent $179.35 on groceries during the month of February. Yup, we came in $20.65 under my goal of spending no more than $200.

There are definitely several factors that played a part here, I must say. I paid attention to sales, which I usually do anyway. It also helps that we have so much meat and seafood in the freezer that we've accumulated when stuff was on sale, plus the quarter cow we purchased. We used items from the pantry and I created meals using mostly ingredients we already had on hand.

So there we have it. We rocked it. I'm proud of us. End of story. I'm hoping to stay closer to this amount from now on, since I know it's completely possible.

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