Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Thoughts Today

I feel bad. I've been a lazy, lazy girl today at work. I'm mean seriously lazy. As in, I didn't really do much productive at all. I guess the saying is true: when the cat's away, Bugaboo will dick around. Wait, what? That's not the saying? Well, you get the point.

I arrived on time for work this morning, only to find out my DOS was feeling queasy. I hope I haven't given her whatever I've been dealing with for the past 89.23 days. It felt that long anyway. She left around 10:30am or so, and soon after I went down to our restaurant to help set up lunch for a seminar group we have in house today. They were asking for menus so they wouldn't have to go out for lunch since the weather isn't really warm and fuzzy today. Our F&B director decided to whip up (in roughly half an hour!) a buffet that included chicken Marsala, steamed broccoli, wild rice and assorted desserts. What's more? He did it working with frozen product (chicken breasts), which made it all the more impressive. Our clients seemed to enjoy it, and it only made me all the more certain that we selected the right candidate to fill the F&B slot. Such a relief in my mind, as him being good at his job makes mine about 79.2% less stressful. Ahhhhhhhh. (Did you know that 64.893% of all statistics are made up?)

I was excited at the prospect of heading out to what I hear is a beautiful topiary garden in Monkton this weekend . . . and then it occurred to me: are they open? No. Silly me! They've been called "The most outstanding topiary garden in America" by The Garden Club of America. Who knew I've been so close for so long? Buppy has to work, and while I enjoy my time at home alone on the weekends that he's gone, I figure I should get out and enjoy some of what my area has to offer. I live just outside Bmore for Pete's sake! And can take the metro down into DC if I want. There are so many outstanding museums, exhibits at universities, etc. that I'm not taking advantage of, and it needs to stop. So what if I have to go alone. And if I don't want to, I'm willing to bet I can find a friend or two who'll wanna come along. This weekend though? We'll have to see if Mother Nature is kind to me; if not, I'll stay home with a good book, some recipes to try and some Real Housewives of Orange Co. reruns. But I'll now be on the lookout for more things to enjoy.
Next weekend, even though the Ladew Gardens aren't technically open yet, they'll be hosting Maple Magic. We have the wine/promotion party to attend on Saturday night in VA, but I might try to go on Sunday. Buppy and the kids will be home, but it's suggested that only ages 4+ come; C is almost 3, so I'm not sure if I'd go it alone or try to bring the whole fam along. I just haven't smelled or seen the making of maple syrup since I was a child growing up in Wisco. Ah, the memories. I'm sure it'd be a good time.

By the way, anyone have any suggestions as far as something to bring to the wine/promo party(besides the wine, obviously)? Almost everyone drinks red wine (besides Buppy), so what's a good dish that blends well with reds? Something chocolate perhaps? That might work well, especially since it's the day before I-Heart-You-Day (a.k.a Valentine's). Hmmm, De-Mc-Rita --- you got any suggestions? 'Cause I know you be a wine drinkin' gal!

Other than that party, I'm also excited for the bull roast coming up on the 27th. I've only been to one since my arrival in MD, which was almost 2 years ago. Have I really been on the east coast for 2 years!?!? Wow. Anyway, no kids allowed, so it's an awesome night of good food and great company. What more could you ask for in a night out? February is going to be a pretty great month!

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