Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thanks to Mo' Nature!

While a good friend of mine (who, oddly enough, I've never met) is headed to Disneyland this weekend, I'm anticipating anywhere from 12"-24" of snow. What we like to call a nor'easter. From the website: "Major nor'easter to slam mid-Atlantic." I can definitely say I'd rather be spending this weekend with De-Mc-Rita. Well, have fun for me ladycakes, and don't forget the hand sanitizer!

Our storm was originally supposed to start dumping on us Friday night and into Saturday. They've now moved up the timeline and are predicting the snow to begin mid-morning tomorrow, Friday. I arrive at work "mid-morning", 10am. And according to, conditions will "deteriorate rapidly" in the afternoon. I'm thinkin', "Shitters, this is gonna suck!" But then my DOS starts telling me that she knows I have the right work ethic and that I have nothing to prove to her. Meaning I don't have to come into work tomorrow. Luckily, if I have anything that really needs to be done (which I don't), I have my sales software loaded onto our laptop at home, so I can still work from there. But it's a relatively slow week, so that's not even going to be necessary.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Mo' Nature for granting me a 3-day weekend. I just hope Buppy's drive in on Saturday morning isn't too treacherous. Yikes. Stay safe everyone, and stay off the roads. Unless you're headed to Disneyland.

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