Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel like I've been super busy lately, but in a good way. Work is going well for the most part amidst the construction and trying to get into a solid groove with the new F&B director. This week will, I'm sure, prove to be the same as I have several large and important functions that will require my presence; I'm already planning on staying overnight on Wednesday to make sure that Thursday morning goes off sans glitches. I don't see this being overly difficulty, but it'll require high attention to detail Wednesday night, something my banquet set up person is not known for.

This weekend seemed to fly by. Buppy left for work early Saturday morning and I left for Atlantic City around 12pm. While originally planning to visit my good friend from college [who recently became a mommy] up in CT, plans changed when she said she had other friends flying in from Wisco. Not wanting to overwhelm the poor girl, I changed things up and decided to visit a different friend who lives in Jersey. While kicking around a place that would be convenient for both of us [so one person wouldn't have to drive all the way to see the other], said friend suggested dinner in Atlantic City --- at Carmine's. I never realized that Atlantic City is like our East Coast version of Vegas, but I was definitely up for the road trip.
If you've never dined at a Carmine's, you probably won't understand how majestic that name is. My one sensational experience at Carmine's took place in 2007 when I visited NYC for the first time; everything is served family style and feeds 4-5 people. While I don't consider myself a fan of anchovies, the subtle hint of flavor in their Caesar salad is perfect. And the croutons that top this salad? Best ever. I've had the same salad twice now, and the same entree. Why change perfection? Their prime rib chop [Saturday special, lucky me!] is awe-inspiring - medium rare, moist & tender. The meal last night in AC also came with roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, spinach, portabello mushroom slices and a sauce [similar to a gravy] that was dynamite and compliment everything extremely well. Since my friend was flying to Wisco today, he was kind enough to let me bring the leftovers home; there are at least 4 more meals worth of food, and I know Buppy will love it. Perhaps it won't be quite as good as last night [fresh, obviously], but I know it's still gonna be damn good!After dinner, we wandered the boardwalk, sampled some cocktails and enjoyed relaxing with good conversation. After not having seen this friend for over 2 years, it was a wonderful night of playing catch up.

So what's next? Busy work week coming up, then the fire dept. fundraiser Bull & Oyster roast on Saturday. Sunday we're hosting Buppy's family as the littlest tike in the house turns 3. We might have to order pizza if I'm hungover and not into cooking; we'll play that one by ear. Four day work week after that as my birthday falls on that Friday and it's a paid holiday at my hotel. Sweet! We're hosting an appetizer party Friday night and then plan to venture down to Bmore and hit up some strip clubs on Saturday night. Sunday, I'll rest. Another full work week and then I'm finally heading up to see my old college roomy in CT; I can't wait to meet her little one! We're going to hit up New Haven's St. Patty's day parade that weekend, which I hear is a rousing good time. Whew --- I can't wait!

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