Monday, March 29, 2010

Epic Fail

Ever have one of those recipes that, as soon as you read it, you're dying to try it? I hate those recipes. While some turn out mind-blowingly amazing, others are such let downs. There will be no pictures here today folks, as the dish looked as bad as it tasted. What was this nasty concoction I so heatedly anticipated but now despise? Fish chowder.

It got a great review from the blog author, and she said her whole family enjoyed it. I should have known. One of the other very disappointing recipes I once made came from her as well. I'm not saying she's a bad cook, just that we have very different tastes.

The fish chowder had carrots, onions, potatoes, chicken stock, cod, shrimp --- yes, the seafood made it a non-cheap epic fail. Boo. It was a slow cooker recipe, how convenient! It didn't smell good. It tasted worse. Buppy is taking some to work and finds it at least palatable; I do not. Even though it wasn't really cheap to make, and I really, really hate to waste food, this is a reipce that I'd toss out into the woods [or down the toilet] if Buppy weren't eating some of it.

I will never again attempt a fish chowder. I'm sad to say I feel scorned for life, but it's the truth. I'll stick with my clam chowder and leave the fish and shrimp [soups/chowders] to the pros. Now I really, really miss those bowls of seafood chowder from the Water Street Grill in Stevens Point, WI. And those long islands....

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  1. Ahhh, there has to be a good recipe out there. It's a "don't give up" situation because you have access to such fresh seafood. But if you can't have the chowder- I know that you can recreate those long islands no problem!! ;)


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