Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taxes, Carnitas & Easter Weekend

I did my federal taxes. Finally. This year I was more of a procrastinator than most, and I have no idea why. There were plenty of free sites to choose from, but I think since I'd buried all my forms in a massive pile on my desk, I was more avoiding cleaning and sorting said mess than the tax process itself. Still gotta do those state ones though, but at least all my income was received in one state this year. Last year, incomes from 2 separate states made for a sad-faced Bugaboo. Maybe this year *cross my digits* I won't have to pay in on the state end of things. Ok, enough tax talk.

I'm really here today because I'm bored. Lackluster. I went to bed at 10:30pm-ish, woke up at 1am to use the restroom and again at 2:45am. The 2nd time there was no going back to sleep. I tried twice, but to no avail, so I got in the shower at 5:15am and was to work by 7am. Traffic was surprisingly pleasant and I now get to leave at 3pm instead of 6pm as is my norm. Hurray for what'll seem like an early day for me!

I think we're going to make pork carnitas tonight. I'm a huge fan of them when they're done right, but haven't yet found a recipe I like enough when I make them at home. Boo. Since I'm also a big fan of
For the Love of Cooking's recipes, I'm trusting that the recipe I found on her site will be tasty. She found it here, on Noble Pig’s blog, which apparently started out as a Martha Stewart's Everyday Food recipe. Martha, please don't let me down! Both blogs feature some really delicious food, so I'm confident dinner will be awesome tonight. I already have the makings for pico de gallo and guacamole at home ---- what more could a girl want?! I'll be sure to letcha know how it goes.

This weekend, Buppy will go to work and I'll be left alone for Easter. I think I might color some eggs, just for fun. Maybe eat a Starburst jellybean or two. I've considered going down to the Tidal Basin to check out the National Cherry Blossom Festival but am really just not sure what I'll be up to. I checked, and the 31st was the peak date for the blooms; a friend from Wisco was recently in DC, and apparently at the perfect time to enjoy the blossoms. I bet the Tidal Basin smells amazing! I just saw this crazy-tasty looking sammy on the Food Network at a place in Philly; maybe I'll go there to check it out this weekend. Well, at least I have options.

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