Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fogo de Chao

Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse? Do you know about this type of restaurant? I didn't until one of my favorite customers at a previous job told me about them. He visited one every time he was in the Minneapolis area for work and raved about how great it was. Buppy and I got to talking one day and he'd heard of them before too, heard how amazing they are, but neither of us has been to one. But that's all gonna change. Soon [I hope].

My F&B director mentioned today that I need to visit Fogo de Chao down in the Inner Harbor.

Me: "What's that?"
Him: "It's a Brazilian restaurant."
Me: "You mean the kind where . . ."
Him: "Yup, I know what you're gonna ask. Yes."

And then I got all lightheaded. Maybe it's the fact that I spilled gas on my shoe and pants this morning and the fumes are getting to me, or maybe it's because I'm now one step closer to a Brazilian steakhouse I know will be unforgettable. Not cheap by any means, but worth it. Dinner is $46.50 per person, but after viewing their website, that seems a small price to pay. Their salad bar has over 30 items, including Manchego cheese, Prosciutto, hearts of palm, artichoke bottoms, smoked salmon, Italian salami, jumbo asparagus . . . well, you get the idea. And the meat selection? Over 15 to choose from.

While I'd love to visit Fogo for my birthday, I don't think it'll happen this weekend. It could be a possibility for Saturday night before the strip club, but I'm thinking our other friends might not want to go someplace so pricey. But it's my birthday, and if I want to spoil myself, I will. Whenever I make it there, I'll definitely let you know how it is. And if now you want to find yourself one in your area, shell out the cash and taste the experience, make sure you tell me how it is so I can live vicariously through you until I get there myself!

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  1. this place sounds so yummy! ive never been to a brazilian steakhouse! what do they do special besides steaks? i love prisciutto!!


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