Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun-Do, Part Deux

A little over a week ago when we had friends over for our monthly dinner, they made the entire [super yummy!] meal with the exception of dessert. Dessert was mine to "bring." Bring is in quotes because I don't actually bring it to their house as it sounds; they made and brought dinner to us so we wouldn't have to get a sitter. This arrangement still allows for us to get together without the added cost for the night. Way cool of them to come to our house every month; we're stuck with dishes, but it's completely worth it! Back to dessert.

I wasn't sure what to make. I love baking and desserts in general, although I rarely eat more than a bite or two. I thought about something healthy, with fruit, but Buppy persuaded me to stick with my original idea --- chocolate fondue. This recipe came from the same tear out that featured the
classic cheese fondue we tried a few weeks back. Everyone seemed to enjoy it; I tried it with a pretzel or two and a strawberry. It was fun to sit around and chat while dipping!

Chocolate Fondue
[Grocery store magazine tear-out]

12 oz. dark chocolate – chips or roughly chopped
½ c. heavy cream, plus extra if fondue is too thick
1 Tbsp. Amaretto or other liqueur, optional
Dippers – strawberries, banana, marshmallows, pretzels, etc.

Bring cream to a light simmer over medium heat. Do not let it come to a boil. Add chocolate in small batches, stirring until melted before adding more. When all chocolate is incorporated, add liqueur of choice, if using. Others that would work well include Frangelico, Grand Marnier or brandy.

Be sure to use moderate heat and do not allow chocolate to boil – this type of fondue can burn easily. If fondue becomes too thick, add additional cream one tablespoon at a time, and mix to incorporate.

Server with your choice of dippers; we used the ones listed above.

I think Frangelico would be amazing with this, but we used triple sec as it's what I had on hand. I had Amaretto too, but Buppy was feeling shady about this one as it wasn't a really high quality one and he wasn't super keen on the taste. That, and he loves orange and chocolate together.


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