Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pizza Boca Burgers

Well, this post won't provide an exact recipe for dinner last night, but it'll give you an idea to run with on your own. Last night Buppy and I had pizza Boca burgers, steamed broccoli and green salad.

The green salad? Lettuce, tomato and cucumber since that happened to be what we had on hand. I love mushrooms, but alas, we were out. Still good though --- I love green salads.

The steamed broccoli? I steamed about half pound [maybe a pound? I'm horrible at guessing things like this!] in our steamer after shaking on some garlic & herb Mrs. Dash. I wanted the seasonings to rehydrate fully while steaming and, while they did, I still would have liked more flavor somehow. Maybe next time I'll toss the broccoli in a little olive oil first; "they" say that helps us absorb more of vegetables abundant nutrients you know? Who? You know, "people." "People say. . . ." Actually, I just read it in an issue of Cooking Light.

The main attraction was our pizza Boca burgers. I picked up several varieties of these when they were 50% off at the grocery store a few weeks [months?] ago and we decided to use the tomato bruschetta ones. They sounded the most Italian-ish. Buppy grilled 'em up, and I sauted some onions and garlic in some olive oil. I then added in some Ragu spaghetti sauce and heated through. We tossed the burgers in the sauce when they were "done" --- really, how "done" does a veggie burger get? --- and then topped with a light sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. These babies got loaded onto toasted buns and turned out pretty good. Neither of us missed the meat, although Buppy had a hard time grilling the burgers. He didn't wanna burn them, but also didn't want them to be mushy. I'd say he did a fine job on them, but I know it was difficult to know when to pull them. Next time maybe we'll try to pan fry them and see if that's any easier.
All in all, a pretty tasty, meatless meal. And it wasn't even for Lent!

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