Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last night I was extremely surprised when I got home to find Buppy there. Since we had all day on Saturday together, he was supposed to work Sunday & Monday, meaning we wouldn't have our normal Monday night together. The swap for the full day together on Saturday was well worth giving up on Monday night, even though I was heart broken that the high school Wizard of Oz play I wanted to see turned out to be sold out. But back to last night ---

They were over-staffed where Buppy works once one of the guys got back from class, so Buppy took leave and came home to surprise me. It was a beautiful night, so we took a walk around our neighborhood [about 2+/- miles, yay for exercise!], then went out for dinner. We went to a local pizza place that we had both a coupon and a gift certificate for. Buppy picked up the tab after all was said and done, which happened to be .92 whole cents. We had pizza and wings last night, plus enough for 2 more meals, all for .92 cents [plus tip]. I love gift cards.

Thanks for the surprise Buppy --- I had a great night! Surprises rock!

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