Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waiting on the Weekend

I'm pretty excited for this upcoming weekend, I'm not gonna lie. Tomorrow [Thursday] is relatively busy at work, and Friday night we're setting up for Saturday's Chinese martial arts competition. I suppose I'll work late Friday night and then have to be here early on Saturday, staying through lunch or so on Saturday to make sure everything runs smoothly this year. Yes, you guessed it. Last year didn't go so well. No repeat performances of failure this time around!

Saturday night is dinner with 3 of our good friends, then adding 1 more to the group who couldn't make dinner to hit up the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I've heard that Ron White won't be at this show, but I'm hoping he surprises us and makes an appearance. He's by far my favorite comedian on the tour, but even if he doesn't materialize, I'm sure it'll still be a night full of laughs to remember. And dinner? Oh yeah, it's at a fab restaurant called The Olive Tree. Trust me when I say their food is divine. Love-love-love it! Check out their website --- makes my mouth water!

May has some great things in store, including a trip down to Virginia to see a good friend from junior high and my ex-roomie's going away party since she's moving back to Connecticut. I'm also hoping to squeeze in a visit with my sister sometime during that month; we plan to meet in Pittsburgh 'cause she has to pick up her scanner there. I said I'd meet her there and we could spend a weekend together, so we'll see if that pans out. Good times!

Side note --- my commission bar is steadily climbing, although I'm still not sure if I'll reach my end goal. Good progress so far anyway. I'm also $498.97 richer as of last week. When I was 18 and lived in Green Bay with a roommate, she took my debit card and checkbook and stole approximately $500 from me. I received $12 last year when they garnished her income tax, and another $498.97 last Friday. I'm now paid back in full. We're friends again too, which might seem odd to some. I say life's too short to hold a grudge, and it's nice to be in contact with her again. Ah, things are good.

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  1. I'm in awe of your life and the fun you make for yourself. And I LOVE Ron white! (one of my favorite things to do is watch comedy - my FAV is Louis CK. Ahhhh...)
    Um, the "stealer friend"? Not OK with her. You are much more forgiving than I. I'll check back with that bone in your body when you hit your 30's!lol

    Have an amazing weekend!!! Wish I could tag along! :D


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