Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Evening

Ah, I'm sad to say it's already almost Sunday evening. Where do my weekends go? Well, this weekend wasn't actually a full weekend since I worked yesterday from 11am-7pm, but I'm happy to report that the wedding was a smashing success [at least it was up until I left at 7pm, so hopefully nothing went wrong after that point!]. They were late, but what wedding isn't? They enjoyed their meal, most of their guests showed up, their DJ was . . . lacking, but that's not my fault at all, so who really cares? All in all, it was another super successful event under my belt.

When I arrived home last night, Buppy was down at our neighbor's party. They have a pond, swing set, grill, patio, huge projector screen tied up in the trees so we can watch movies --- it's a really sweet setup they've got goin' on, not gonna lie. He met me up at the house, I mixed myself a drink and we headed down. I've been living here for about a year and a half and have yet to meet our neighbors. What can I say? It just hasn't happened. Luckily, I got to meet a few last night, and everyone was really nice. Lots of food, but I'd already eaten at work earlier. Tom & Jerry made an appearance on the big screen once it started to get dark, and we just had a really nice time relaxing with everyone. Ah, summer.

Today was supposed to be HonFest, but Buppy's stomach is on the fritz. We went for lunch at Maggie's, our newest favorite restaurant in town [favorite restaurant anywhere for that matter] and planned to leave from there. He wasn't feeling great when we left the house, and even after lunch was still having some stomach pains. We came home and decided against heading out to Bmore. While I'd love to have gone to HonFest again this year, I definitely wouldn't have wanted to go with a miserable Buppy. Especially since it's supposed to hit 91F today as a high, and at 10am it already felt like 96F according to Ugh. That's hot when you're dealing with East Coast humidity. It's sunny with a breeze out now, so as I write this, Buppy is outside under the deck in the shade, reading. I hope he feels better. I should probably go check on him . . .

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