Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - July 12, 2010

Last week's menu plan was totally a bust. Ok, mostly a bust. Why? Because Buppy's back is whack, which meant I spent Tuesday-Thursday at home helping to take care of him, take him to appointments, watching the kids, etc. Needless to say, without his help in running the household, there were times I turned to much easier things than what I'd planned to make. Oh well. Again, we survived as usual.

This week is going to be a busy one because we're getting ready for our annual crab feast and slip 'n slide party on Saturday. We invite all friends and most of the families [who rarely show up] for a day of crabs, tons of other food, drinks, games, a 75' slip 'n slide and a fire in the fire pit after it gets dark. Such a lovely excuse to host a party and get everyone together! Anywho, this week we're in the process of getting the house ready for company [some overnight guests], trying to finish all grocery shopping, mow the law . . . well, you get the idea. It's all worth it in the end, but since we couldn't do much of anything last week to begin the prep work, it's a little more rushed now. With that said, I'm hoping to stick closely to our menu plan so it's one less thing to think and debate about at night when I get home from work.

Jalapeno popper dogs
[yeah, didn't get around to this one last week] & leftover baked potato wedges

Tuesday: I'm home alone as it's Buppy's overnight at work, so I'll probably eat a leftover Italian turkey sausage we grilled up a few days ago and have some raw veggies

Saucy mushroom chicken with mashed spuds

Thursday: Grilled steak Caesar salads

Parmigiano & herb chicken breast tenders [didn't get to these last week either, and Buppy was sad because they're super tasty!] & Swiss scalloped potatoes [a new Light & Tasty recipe]

Saturday breakfast: A breakfast casserole I can make the night before so whoever wakes up first can pop it into the oven and be done with it. Not sure if I'm going to make this
bagel & cheese bake I already know and enjoy, or branch out and try something new. Guess we'll see.

Sunday breakfast: Buppy has to make chocolate chip pancakes for my friend's daughter, who had them last year and loves 'em. I think secretly that's the only reason she's coming back.[Kidding!]
Sunday lunch: Leftovers from the party, as there's generally plenty of food left.
Sunday dinner: Homemade pizzas, so we can make a variety to suite all tastes.

A friend mine from 8th grade and her family are coming up to stay with us Friday-Monday morning, which we're really looking forward to. Now to get the house clean in time . . .

Pop on over to for more great menu planning ideas!

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