Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeping Busy

August was a rather busy month for Buppy & I, and things don’t appear to be slowing down for the Fall either. It’s in a good way though, as the events we’re attending are mainly for pleasure instead of work. Mainly.

I verified yesterday that I have Labor Day off. While not in the handbook as a “holiday”, since I’m management, they’re letting me have it. And really, who would call to book their wedding or corporate event on Labor Day? No one, so good call boss man. Since my sister has visited us here in Maryland 3 times now and I haven’t made it to Ohio yet, Buppy and I are heading west this Friday after we’re done with work for a mini-vacay. We figure we’ll get in late on Friday night; sister said it’s about a 7+/- hour drive. Check into our hotel [thank goodness I get a huge discount with 2 major hotel chains!] late Friday night, then spend time with sister all day Saturday & Sunday. We’ll leave Monday morning since we have to be back Monday evening to pick up the kidlets. All in all, we’re looking at some good quality time this weekend!

What else do we have coming up? A wedding I have to be at work for on 9/11, which seems an odd day to me to get married, but whatever melts your margarine, right? The weekend of the 18th/19th we’re planning to hit up the Maryland Wine Festival, although we haven’t narrowed down which day yet. Should do that soon so everyone can plan ahead; I invited all friends to our house before and/or after for some potluck action, so I think we’re leaning towards Saturday the 18th. I’ve tried to contact our favorite winery to see if I can volunteer [and then get in free the opposite day!], but haven’t heard anything back yet. Boo. Maybe I should just pick up the phone instead of relying on email. Ah, my laziness.

We’re also planning to attend a Renaissance Festival near Annapolis for a friend’s birthday, a motorcycle ride hosted by Buppy’s work to benefit charity [and I can actually ride with Buppy on his new Harley!!], a possible Halloween party, a magician’s event at work that I should probably be here for [although I don’t really want to be], a trip to the Maryland Zoo, Six Flags & a Blue Man Group concert.

The boys at the Poker Run '09.

And the ladies at the Poker Run '08.

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