Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beef + Mushrooms = Excellent Stew

I'm a complete slackasaurus. Life has been busy lately with job hunting, social outings, motorcycle rides, cooking and basic household chores. Last week . . . at least I think it was last week, possibly the week before . . . I made something I've been dying to try. I love beef stew and mushrooms, so The Pioneer Woman’s beef stew with mushrooms looked perfect for moi. It was fairly easy to make, tasted great (the beef consumme & wine really added a nice touch) and made excellent leftovers the next day as well. I didn't have cremini mushrooms on hand, so I had to sub in white button ones instead. Probably not as good as the creminis would have been, but still yummy. Check out The Pioneer Woman’s blog for the recipe and much, much better pics. Enjoy!

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