Friday, November 5, 2010

Blue Man Group, Sushi Dinner & Luda

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What an exciting weekend Buppy & I have planned. Awhile back, he purchased tickets for us to see Blue Man Group. While he's seen them in the past, I have not and am seriously looking forward to our sushi dinner & Blue Man Group show tonight. Woot!

Tomorrow night is the free Ludacris show where Buppy works. It's a show on a military base, hence the free tickets. His department ended up getting fewer tickets than planned, so Buppy will technically be there in an "official" capacity in case something major happens. We're hoping for an uneventful night (work-wise for him) so we can just enjoy the show. Buppy said he only knows 1 of Luda's songs, but I'm confident that once he start the show, Buppy will recognize more. If not, oh well. Who are we to turn down free concert tickets?

I'll be working Sunday for part of the day, which is unusal for me. I have several groups that meet at my hotel that are honestly the bane of my existence. I'll be there Sunday morning to set things straight with them since apparently I can't trust the weekend staff to do as I ask. C'est la vie!

Nothing much else planned for the weekend. I have to get a package ready to send to my parents, and make several desserts for our friends who all have birthdays this week & next. One friend requires gluten-free food, so I found a recipe for gluten-free turtle brownies. How good do those sound, gluten free or not? Haven't decided what to make for the other friends, but I'm sure it'll be something tasty. At least I hope so!

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