Saturday, January 8, 2011

198.94 Miles!

Wow, I'm even impressed with myself this week.

Starting December 1st, I vowed to bike on our recumbent bike at least once a day, if not more. I was good about this goal until we headed home to Wisco for vacay in mid-December. My family's house and the hotel we stayed in both had work out equipment, but I felt that my time was much better spent with my family and Buppy. Plus, I wasn't eating horribly so I wasn't too concerned. Lucky me, I didn't gain a single pound during the generally dreaded Thanksgiving through Christmas time frame. Woot! Again lucky me, because I don't really care for sweets/desserts. Plus, I've resisted the urge to purchase any potato chips since December 1st; they're totally my downfall. I had a few while in Wisco over Christmas, but nothing that concerned me. Heck, now it's just fun to walk down the aisle at the grocery store and let my will power take over. I don't even get the urge to snack on them anymore, and now reach for oranges, Asian pears, apples, etc. for snacks instead. Ok, so I get the urge once in awhile, but who doesn't!?!

For the week beginning January 2nd through today, January 8th, I spent 12.25 hours on our bike in the living room and biked a total of 198.94 miles. Very proud of myself for that. *pats self on back* And since I really started this goal back on December 1st, this just proves that I can, in fact, stick with an exercise regimen. Helps that I'm unemployed right now, and I know that once I go back to work it'll be harder to fit the time in, but I'm happy that I haven't been like some people I know. I've had friends who were unemployed or who worked 20+/- hours a week who constantly talked about exercise but never did anything about it. What more perfect time to get my butt in gear? There isn't one, so here I am.

I was working out with weights in December to help strength train, and will pick back up with that this coming week. Time to tone, tone, tone too!

Other than that, I'm simply enjoying my time in the kitchen, chatting with family scattered across the country (my mom made it to Alaska where she's teaching this Spring!) and catching up with friends via emails and phone calls. Oh, and searching for the perfect job. I have no doubt it'll come to me in time. I've also begun looking at curriculum at several grad schools, but haven't found any degrees/courses of study that pique my interest at this point. Not to say that I'll give up, but I'm still not convinced that grad school is for me. We'll see.

Hope everyone is enjoying their new year thus far!

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