Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - January 10, 2011

Last week wasn't a huge success in the menu planning department, but that's mostly because we ended up having a lot more food around the house than we originally anticipated.

The ground beef wasn't thawed in time to make meatloaf, so I made a hamburger-onion-mushroom gravy and served it over mashed potatoes instead. Still tasty, just no loaf. Buppy's OT on Tuesday was cancelled, and I don't even remember what we made that night. Wednesday night panned out alright; we made the steaks and salads but skipped the potatoes since we knew it would just result in too much food. Actually, I put my steak on my salad, so I kind of stole Sunday night's menu for a steak Caesar salad. C'est la vie. Thursday I had . . . leftovers, I think. By Friday, I wasn't in the mood for ribs and instead did the Italian sausages we had planned for Saturday night. The healthified crunchy Asian slaw --- awesome! The weekend was then mostly spent on leftovers and random good stuff we happened to have in the fridge.

This week, let's see what we've got.

Monday: BALT sandwiches (BLTs with avocado, as long as it's ripe but not rotten, like our last poor 'cado), raw veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & baby carrots) with my homemade ranch dressing

Tuesday: Steak tacos with lettuce, tomato, chopped black olives, artichoke-garlic salsa, reduced-fat sour cream and flour tortillas

Wednesday: Boca burgers with lettuce, tomatoes and sauteed onions & mushrooms, honeydew melon (provided it's ripe by then)

Thursday: I'm alone, so leftovers, breakfast for dinner or a tuna sandwich. I love tuna.

Friday: Company for dinner, so the menu is TBD. We split dinner & dessert between the 2 couples, but I'm not sure which they're planning to make. I might luck out and only have to make dessert; we'll see.

Saturday lunch: Turkey franks, fresh fruits/veggies
Saturday dinner: Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes & stuffing

Sunday lunch: Grilled cheese, fresh fruits/veggies
Sunday dinner: My version of the healthified crunchy Asian slaw I made last week, with the addition of sliced Asian chicken. I can't wait to try these 2 dishes combines since they're both so super tasty alone.

So there we have it. Seems manageable right now, but I hope I'm not planning for too much food again.

I picked up some blueberries at the produce market today for a pretty low price, so I'm going to make blueberry muffins tomorrow or Tuesday. I also picked up the needed ingredients to make white chocolate-macadamia nut cookies for my brother for his birthday. I have to make those and ship them out to Montana tomorrow. I know he'll appreciate them; he's such a cool big brother.

I'd also like to make another batch of soup this week, so we'll have to check the pantry and freezer to see what's calling my name. Perhaps a batch of sauerkraut & kielbasa soup, or another batch of the Southwestern chicken because it's majorly-crazy-divine. Hmmmm.

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