Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Jan. 31, 2011

Monday: Pork shoulder picnic, baked, shredded and mixed with BBQ sauce (pulled pork); crusty French bread; canned veggies of some sort

Tuesday: Easy chicken Santa Fe

Wednesday: Stuffed shells (already premade and in the freezer); crusty French bread

Thursday: Alone

Friday: Sausage and spinach soup; crusty French bread

Lunch: We’re doing brunch out of town as part of a retirement party for a person Buppy used to work with, so no breakfast/lunch plans needed.
Dinner: Leftovers. I’m guessing we’ll have plenty of stuff in the fridge from recipes made earlier in the week.

Sunday: Depending on what time the Superbowl is (no, I haven’t checked yet and honestly, Buppy’s the only one who really cares --- I’m in it for the fun food), I plan to make some small, snacky foods. I’ll post a list later in the week of recipes I think’ll be perfect for game day, so stay tuned.

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