Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crusty & Super Yummy French Bread

Bread and most things yeast related scare me, less so now that I use a bread machine, but still. There's the rising and punching and rising and . . . well, it's just a lot to handle. What can I say, I get overwhelmed easily. Stop judging me! Today I happened to have everything on hand to make some yummy bread, and I had just found a recipe I wanted to try on For the Love of Cooking, so I was set.
I proofed my 1st packet of yeast, from 2009, and surprise! It didn't work. So I went with a 2nd packet, determined that if this one failed too, I was heading for the store. This bread would be made today, come hell or high water. Luckily it proofed, and I continued on with the recipe as directed. Whew!

No need to detail out the recipe here, because I'd feel redundant since I followed Pam's recipe 100%. My only simple addition was to sprinkle 1 loaf with garlic bread sprinkle prior to baking.

Can we talk about how fantastic this bread is? And how it's made with all purpose flour and not bread flour, which is something I always have on hand (whereas I sometimes run out of bread flour). We absolutely love the crisp, crackly outside and the soft, chewy inside. Stellar. It'll be perfect for paninis, toast, sammys (other than paninis), dipping in soup, eating with our chili flavored oil, etc. Not only is this a fantastic recipe, but her whole blog (For the Love of Cooking) is full of 'em, so check her out if you need some ideas. Thanks a bunch for this one Pam!

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  1. It looks perfect! I like the idea of sprinkling the top with garlic bread seasoning before cooking. Thanks for the shout out, kind words, and link back to my blog.


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