Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gift Card Steals & Deals

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Have you ever just stopped and thought about what to do with gift cards if they're not for something/someplace you want to shop? Hmmm, me neither. Weird. I just figured they'd sit in my wallet until . . . well, until who the heck knows? Well friends and neighbors: you sell them for 95% cash back to an Internet site that will re-sell them. Then they, in turn, sell them to the public for up to 60% off with free shipping. By golly, that's a swell idea!

I know most people out there these days are in save-a-buck mode. I sure am, being unemployed and all. But by using Gift Card Granny and watching for deep discounts on cards for stores you frequent, it could really help cut costs. Just think o' that Target card now!

I realize that some cards just seem outrageous. Whose brilliant idea was it to put $200 on a Burger King gift card? I mean really? Then again, gift cards don't generally expire, so if Burger King is your happy place, buy a $200 gift card for $150 and enjoy the savings! Please know that you will likely end up obese.

One of the best parts of the website is that it not only tells you how much the gift card is worth and how much you'll pay for it, but it does the calculation for you and tells you what percent you'll be saving. Love that. Simply love that. For some reason, percents mean a lot to me. I'm anal, please don't act surprised.

Example: The Melting Pot currently has a card up worth $60 for a purchase price of $40, meaning I'd save 33.3% (still lovin' the percent thing!). Plus, they're on Baltimore's Restaurant.com website. Wow, that could lead to huge savings! I, peronally, won't splurge on that bad boy right now because I'm having too much fun with my electric fondue pot at home, but you get the idea. I also saw one of the other big savers right now is The Cheesecake Factory, where I could purchase a $50 gift card for $28.97, meaning a savings of 42%. While I've never eaten there due to the insane calorie counts of their meals (always making some list for do not eat this!), no one can argue that 42% off is a bad deal. I think that particular 42% savings is the highest I've seen on this site so far, although they do clearly state that some cards are up to 60% off. I have a feeling the 60% off ones are few and far between, and likely for places no one wants to shop. Still, it's fun to browse. I'm definitely a browser.

Plastic Jungle is a similar site that buys and sells gift cards, although I don't like their layout as well. But to each their own. If you have a store or restaurant you frequent and wouldn't mind saving a buck or two, check out the sites mentioned. I haven't purchased or sold anything to either one yet, let's be clear, but they appear reputable. Enjoy, and let me know if you're a user and what kind of experience you've had!

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