Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 14, 2011

I just noticed I completely slacked in the blogging department this week, but that was mainly because I was swamped with job interviews. Can't really complain about that, can I? But here we are again on Sunday, and it's time to figure out the meal plan. As usual, I'm trying to utilize recipes that require minimal purchases since I want to use what we have on hand. Last week we started out well with Monday night's dinner, but things quickly derailed because Buppy and I were both sick. Chicken noodle and Southwestern chicken soup both made appearances. Soup is amazing when a person is sick, no? Oui.

Monday: Creamy taco mac (to use up another pound of our abundance of hamburger) and garden salads

Tuesday: I'm home alone because Buppy is at the IAFF Legislative Conference, so leftovers will most likely hit my plate. Hopefully we'll have some leftover corned beef from tonight's dinner.

Wednesday: Baked portabello and beef stew and crusty homemade French bread

Thursday: Crispy oven-fried fish fillets and oven-roasted veggies

Friday: Pizza braid

Saturday lunch: Sammies and fresh fruits/veggies
Saturday dinner: Bull and oyster roast with Buppy's coworkers (yay!)

Sunday lunch: Sammies and fresh fruits/veggies
Sunday dinner: Bruschetta chicken bake and a garden salad

There we have it. Good luck to me to stick with it this week! I should just go pull all the meats I need from the freezer right now, since that's usually where problems arise (I forget, meat doesn't thaw in time). I'm excited for tonight's dinner too, which will be a Reuben casserole. Never made one before, but it sounds stellar, right? Right. Especially since we're using a bacon Thousand Island dressing (the only kind I tolerate). Mmmmmm.....bacon. Not sure it gets much better than that. Anywho, enjoy!

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  1. Pizza Braid? That sounds good. Course we like anything that has the word pizza in it. :)
    nice to meet you-i stopped over from the menu plan meme.


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