Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Things

Talk about the little things in life being the best. I really try to be environmentally friendly whenever possible by recycling, carrying re-usable shopping bags in my trunk at all times, not wasting water, etc. We keep our cardboard in a pile in the basement between trips to the dump, and sometimes Buppy and I breakdown a few boxes, then pile them in front of the door to the basement so whoever goes down next can take the cardboard with them. (Sometimes we open the door and just chuck it down the stairs, too.) We're lazy, we know, don't bother to point that out. Anyway, last night after dinner, Tiny Tot #1 ate a box of Nerds for dessert. After dinner, with no prompting from either of us, he broke down the box and tossed it in the cardboard pile to go downstairs. How cute - he wants to recycle like his daddy and I do. Guess people really do lead by example, and he's actually been paying attention to what we do! Kudos to Tiny Tot #1.

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