Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - April 25, 2011

Time for a menu plan again. With me returning to work, it's imperative I plan so I can thaw appropriate ingredients. Truth be told, I usually suck at that part, and that's when we get in trouble and turn to convenience. Knowing that, I already have everything thawing in the fridge that I'll need to cover us through Saturday night. Since we're doing a cookout for friends after our ride on Sunday, the only thing I'll need to thaw later this week is hamburger. Praise the Lord, we're going to get rid of some hamburger!

Monday: Spaghetti carbonara and a garden salad

Tuesday: Leftovers from Sunday night's meal (rotisserie ribeye roast, loaded mashed potatoes and carrot coins)

Wednesday: Baked pork ribs, which we'll grill at the end to form a nice crust, and homemade coleslaw

Thursday: My night alone, so leftovers, a sammy or breakfast for dinner

Friday: Grilled pork loin chops (marinated in something we have in the fridge already) and stuffing

Saturday Lunch: A sammy most likely, and some type of fresh fruit/veggie. Buppy has to go to work from 8am-2pm or so, so I'm on my own.
Saturday Dinner: Domino's pizza, since I have 2 more Groupon coupons that are already paid for that I have to use by 5/19.

Sunday Lunch: Sammies and fresh fruit/veggies
Sunday Dinner: A cookout with friends, so there'll be burgers, probably BBQ chicken and assorted salads/sides. Yum.

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