Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday in a Nutshell

Thank goodness today is Thursday, because if it weren't, I'd seriously have just given up on my week a few hours ago.

Work was decent. Very busy, but I enjoy that as the day seems to fly by. What I don't love is cleaning up after my immediate supervisor. I was actually told today that I'd need a bigger shovel to clean up after her than previously thought. Super. Oh well, I love the detail involved in what I do, so I'm sticking with it for now.

I got home and was ready to order pizza for dinner since I just snagged 3 Groupon coupons for a large Domino's pizza for $8. Couldn't find the right link or how to order, so I called the local Domino's to ask if they could help me (since it's their promo and all). Guy on the phone was a jerk, and when I asked to speak with a manager, he was it. I hung up on him after he told me he had no clue how to utilize my coupon. Oh yeah, the Groupon customer service office was closed too. Did I mention that? Whatevs. I had a turkey bacon, cheese and lettuce wrap for dinner. Healthier and cheaper, so I guess it all works out, right? Something like that.....

Then, once I've accepted that my Thursday is completely blase, I unload the dishwasher and what do I find? My Henckels paring knife in the silverware tray. Turns out that while Buppy's dad and mother-in-law were here the past few days, one of them tried to be helpful and load the dishwasher. Highly irritated. I just have to keep repeating, "They were trying to be helpful, they were trying to be helpful......"

At least my new Capital One card arrived. While leaving work last week, I returned a phone call from their office. Apparently someone in the UAE decided to go shopping on me, but luckily their fraud dept. caught the charges and called. No real harm done unless this eventually goes on my credit report. Guess I'll deal with that if it happens.

So there we have it. I sound insanely pessimistic today, but in reality, I'm sure tomorrow and Easter weekend will be better. I need to figure out what meal to make for Easter (so I can thaw whatever meat I need), and I need to make an appointment to have my hair dyed --- my reward for finding a good job.


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