Monday, June 27, 2011

Coupon Ninja 6/26 (Making $$ Again!)

The Coupon Ninja (read: me) had a pretty good shopping day on Sunday. I'm still waiting to fill a few rain checks from last week and the week prior, but no one was out of what I wanted today. Hurray! I scored these 2 items at CVS. The Zyrtec alone sells for $6.99 (for the 5 count, I know, it's outrageous), and the tampons for $6.99 as well. Me? I paid $6.78 out-of-pocket total (with my Dove DISCOVER card!) and received 2 coupons for future purchases, 1 for $6 for the Zyrtec and 1 for $6.79 for the tampons. Do the math, and I made $6.01 on this sale. Score 1.
These goodies came from Rite Aid. The tea was 100% free because I had a coupon, as was 1 of the toothpastes because I had a rain check from last week. I paid $5.50 out-of-pocket total for these items, and between +UP rewards and a Single Check Rebate for the hairspray, I will eventually get back a total of $11.37. Once again, that math means I made $5.87 on this sale. Score 2.
Lastly, I hit up Walgreens.The Chex Mix was 100% free because I had a coupon from the manufacturer for a free bag, any size. I decided their new flavor, Italian Herb and Parmesan, looked like a good one. My parents and were talking about my stomach issues earlier in the day, and what do you know? The Ultimate Flora (a probiotic supplement) was on sale for $20 with a $20 mail-in rebate offer. I paid $22.65 total out-of-pocket for these items (when the Ultimate Flora usually sells for $24.99 alone), received back a $2 Register Reward coupon good for a future purchase, and I already have the $20 mail-in rebate sealed and ready to go. The $22+ out-of-pocket total seemed high (compared to my normal out-of-pocket amounts), but in the end it'll work out fine and hopefully I'll have found a new product to help my unruly tum-tum. Score 3.

In the end, I spent $34.93 today and will eventually wind up with coupons/rebates totaling $46.16. Anytime I eventually make $$ while shopping is good day, right? For sure. Anyone else have any stellar deals this week? Good luck!

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