Sunday, June 26, 2011

Employee Luncheon

Hmmmm. A person never knows what to think when they first hear the term 'employee luncheon' at a new job. Apparently my hotel used to have them monthly, but they've been few and far between so far this year. I think we're blaming the economy and busy schedules. Anyway, while I wasn't sure what to think leading up to it, it turned out to be a welcome break in Friday's work day.

There were 5 game stations and we played as teams. My team came in 2nd, and if I'd nailed my challenge, which was stacking chapsticks with chopsticks, we'd have won. I was definitely leading the pack (thanks to my love for sushi) until someone next to me (on a different team but at the same table) bumped our table and I lost one in my stack. Oh well. All I can say is: it's a lot harder than it looks, and it looks hard!

There were a wide variety of prizes to choose from, and the majority of the winning team chose the booze. Two of the vodkas were types I'd never tried, but I can't say I walked away empty-handed, or even with a lesser prize. Once all of team 1 had chosen their prizes, my team was called up to the table to see what we wanted. There was an over night stay at a local hotel, tickets to the zoo, tickets to a local dinner theater (definitely decent prizes!) and several restaurant gift certificates. As I was reaching for a $25 one, I glanced over to see a $50 envelope for the same restaurant. Which do you think I scored? Yup, I now have a $50 gift certificate for Basta Pasta, which is located right at the intersection next to the hotel. I figure it'll be nice for a night when Buppy can shoot up from work and we can check it out. I've browsed their online menu, and it looks very appetizing. Chicken Oscar, chicken piccata, spaghetti carbonara --- I think I'll have one of each, thank you!

The lunch itself was a nice change of pace, too. The hotel actually provides us with lunch every day; I don't have to pack anything for myself if I don't want to. Talk about a huge money saver if a person isn't really health conscious! However, you never know when they'll serve something loaded with fat, calories and/or salt, among other things. I've had decent and I've had not so good. The day after Easter I was ambushed by what I thought was beef but turned out to be lamb. Who would ever think work would provide you with lamb as part of your free meal? Not I. My dad would have been in Heaven, but for the girl who doesn't like lamb, it was a rough shock. Anyway, our meal on Friday consisted of a mixed green salad, crab cakes, fried chicken, steamed broccoli, mac 'n cheese, a fresh fruit display, beverages and brownies. Yes, the crab cake/fried chicken combo is strange in my mind too, but I'm told it's a Baltimore thing. I guess I could see that since, depending on what part of town a person is in, you see a crazy amount of restaurants advertising 'chicken and fish' or 'chicken and trout'. I find it odd, but so be it. 

Oh yeah, they also gave out 3 prizes for 'employee of the month' for April, May and June at our luncheon. I've only been there 2 months, so I obviously wasn't expecting anything, but it was nice to see the reward for winning, which is added incentive to do one's job even better --- $100 cash. For doing my job. Yes please! Here's a big thank you to work for a nice lunch, fun games, useful prizes and a little time away from my desk!

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